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Thank you all who have donated to this public Weedhopper library, feel free to use any of this information as you see fit, and please donate anything you have that you would like to share. The extended Weedhopper family appreciates your effort!

Weedhopper History Timeline:
Weedhopper History

Weedhopper Manuals, Drawings, and Specs:

Weedhopper Model "B" Upgrades by Bill Nesting
Weedhopper2Place Manual (pdf)
Weedhopper Model "B" Manual (pdf)
Weedhopper Axel Drawing
Weedhopper "Rocket" press release flyer
"Weedhopper" by Rick Ferguson
Model "Deluxe" specs
Chotia 460 manual
Cross Wind landings
Home Made Power Rudder

Weedhopper Wings:                                 

Weedhopper Wing Geometry
Weedhopper Wing Rib Geometry
Weedhopper Ribs
Wing Rigging
Model "B" Wings from Plans
Model C, 40, Super, 2 place, wing tube measurements

B Wing With Soaring Wing Overlay
Wing Washout Settings

Weedhopper Root / Boom Tube Drawings:
Model B Root tube
Model B Root Tube (PDF)
Model C Root Tube
Model C Root Tube (PDF)
Model 40 Root Tube

Bill Nesting Drawings:
Please Read Me
Alternate Tail Support (subfin) Connection
Tail Support (subfin) Connector Bracket
Main Axel Connections
My Mount Plan View
My mount View A-A
My Mount View B-B
Rudder Hinge
Rudder Hinge 2
Suggested Wing Tip
Tube End Reinforcement
UHMW Wheel Bearing

Weedhopper News Letters: (large PDF file size)
Weedhopper News December 1978 (pdf scan)
Weedhopper News December 1978 (text)

Weedhopper News April 1979(pdf scan)
Weedhopper News April 1979 (text)

Weedhopper News May 1979
Weedhopper News June 1979
Weedhopper News July 1979
Weedhopper News November 1979
Weedhopper News December 1979
Weedhopper News Jan-Feb-Mar 1980
Weedhopper News August 1980
Weedhopper News September - October 1980
Weedhopper News Spring 1981
Weedhopper News September - October 1981

Other Weedhopper articles and flyers:

Article in Ultralight Flight Magazine
National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, JC 24C

The Weedhopper, Sport Aviation, July 1978
Weedhopper model "B" Flyer
Weedhopper Flyer 1980

1981 NY Times Article..Weedhopper
Chotia-Vorndran JC-24-B "Weedhopper"

Personal Weedhopper Web Sites:
Blades Weedhopper Pages
Puckett's Weedhopper Page
Float Weedhoppers

Weedhopper Flight Video:
YouTube video Weedhopper JC 24 B
YouTube French Weedhopper
YouTube Hand Cranking a Chotia
YouTube Weedhopper Slow Landing
YouTube Snow Hopper

French Weedhoppers:
The French have taken the USA Weedhopper and have evolved it with many innovations including 3 axis controls, large engines, enclosed pods, etc. Since the Weedhopper is easily customized, examples of other successful modifications are important to document.....enjoy!

Ladybird / Spectrum Microlight:
Spectrum Airworthiness Approval Permit to Fly

Weedhopper JC-24 D Manuals and Documents:
Ultralair JC-24 D Assembly Manual (French)

Europa Manuals and Documents:
Europa II Manual

AX3 Manuals and Documents:
AX3 Parts List
Cyclone AX3/503 Approval Data Sheet (TADS)
Cyclone AX3 Airworthiness Approval, Permit to Fly (August 1992)
Cyclone AX3 Airworthiness Approval Modification (July 1996)
Cyclone AX3 Airworthiness Approval (June 2000)
The Cyclone AX3 Test Flight
AX3 Manual (in French) (huge file, 24 megs)
Cyclone AX3 Crash  Report

AX3 Service bulletins:
Rudder Bolt Lifting

Wing Tip Inspection

AX2000 Manuals and Documents:
AX2000 Parts List
Cyclone AX2000 Approval Data Sheet (TADS)
Cyclone AX2000 Airworthiness Approval Permit to Fly (January 1997)
Cyclone AX2000 Airworthiness Approval Addendum 1 (April 1997)
Cyclone AX2000 Airworthiness Approval issue 2 (July 1997)
Cyclone AX2000 Airworthiness Approval Modification (June 1999)
Cyclone AX2000

AX2000 Service bulletins:
Wing Lift Tangs

Undercarriage Rotation
Power Supply Isolation
Exhaust Support Bolt, Trim Tab Horn, Steering Links
Rudder Bolt Lifting
Wing Tip inspection


Xair Manuals and Documents
Xair Spare Parts Manual

Xair Assembly Manual

Weedhopper Picture Pages:
USA Weedhoppers, JC-24 B, JC-24 C, Model 40, Super, 2place
French Weedhoppers, Europa, AX2000, AX3, JC24D JC31.

Weedhopper Engine Manuals and documents:
Rotax 277 Manual